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The Answers You Need

What is cosmetic tattooing?

Cosmetic tattooing (microblading) is a form of semi permanent makeup and is a technique of enhancing the appearance of the eyebrows with natural looking hair strokes or to produce the appearance of defined makeup.
Using a disposable hand held tool and tiny blade, natural pigment is deposited into the upper dermal layer of the skin making it semi permanent for 1-2 years dependant on the skin type.

Is the treatment painful?

Microblading & Ombre-Shading Techniques

The feeling is described more of a sensation. I use a great anaesthetic so you will not feel any pain or discomfort.

Why have permanent make up?

Imagine waking up each morning and enjoying perfectly shaped eyebrows
without the effort of time-consuming make up rituals. Subtle, soft and
perfectly in place with no smudging, no mess. With permanent makeup you have the confidence of knowing you look the best you can around the clock all day everyday.

How long will semi permanent make up last?

All methods of semi permanent brows I offer can last up to two years, dependant on skin type, sun exposure and lifestyle.
Although this semi permanent treatment leaves you with low maintenance brows you will still require a maintenance colour boost session to maintain perfect, neat and fresh brows. Most clients have this annually but it will depend on your skin type.

Can I have microblading if I am pregnant or nursing?

I do not perform this treatment on pregnant or nursing mothers.

What's next?

A £50 deposit is due to secure your booking. This can be made via bank
 transfer or paypal. Details can be found at the bottom of the Price List page.

The first stage of the treatment is to perform a skin allergy patch test. This will need to take place 24 hours to 7 days before the treatment.

On the treatment day we will choose a colour and shape that best suits you, your face shape and desired look and explain how to best achieve it. I will do a pre draw to see how the shape will look and will not start until you are completely happy.

 The treatment can take up to 2 hours.

A colour boost/top up session will be due WITHIN 4 weeks after the initial treatment to ensure the area has healed correctly and assess if any areas need adding or the colour needs a boost to last that next year ahead of perfect no maintenance brows.

Pre treatment advice

Please do not consume alcohol 24 hours before your appointment.
Avoid any blood thinning medication up to 72 hours before your appointment.
Please advise me if you are on any medication that may affect your bodies healing process or if you have been advised not to have a tattoo.
Avoid waxing the area up to 2-3 days prior.