Our Services & Methods

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*The first stage of the treatment is to perform a skin allergy patch
 test. This will need to take place 24 hours to 7 days before the


Micro strokes-microblading

is a method to create very natural looking
eyebrows with little hair strokes.


is very a popular method especially for ladies who would like a more defined look or pencil look but not too dramatic like a permanent tattoo. Essentially more of a powdered brow makeup finish.

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is a method of shading and strokes combined. Ideally suited for clients who feel micro-strokes alone are too natural looking and would like a more defined finish in certain areas. This is also a great
technique for clients who have previous semi-permanent makeup or over plucked brows from previous fashion.
When it’s blended correctly, it can add texture, definition and fullness.

All of the above methods can last up to two years, fading slowly during that time.

Four weeks after the initial treatment a colour boost session will be needed to ensure the area has healed properly and to identify if any areas need extra attention and to boost that colour ready to last the year ahead.
Most clients have an annual top up/colour boost session to keep the shape and colour of the brows looking neat and fresh but that’s up to individual choice.

You can either let them fade to nothing or have a colour boost session when needed
its dependant on the skin. 
Initial appointment takes up to two hours, please do not consume alcohol 24 hours before your appointment.
Please advise me if you are on any medication that may affect your bodies healing process or if you have been advised not to have a tattoo.
I measure and draw on the perfect shape following your brow bone. I do not use stencils (if I can't draw them on then I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want me to tattoo them on)

Only when you are 100% sure then we do the procedure. 
I have a wide range of shades to suit all tastes and skin tones. Colours from lightest blonde to darkest black-brown. 
I cannot carry out the treatment on pregnant ladies.

People suffering from alopecia, trigonometrical or any other condition that causes hair loss benefit greatly from microblading, as well as people who simply are not happy with their eyebrows.
I do not shave the brows and I keep as much brow hair as possible when designing the shape and tweeze the stray hairs.

The treatment does not damage the hair follicles and doesn't reduce future hair growth.
Straight after the treatment the skin may look and feel a little sore, but the redness usually disappears within two hours.
I use a great anaesthetic so you will not feel any pain, it’s more of a sensation you will feel. 
The treatment is described similar to a normal tattoo, but the needle does not
penetrate into the skin as deep. All the pigments I use are biodegradable.